From an early age, Michael Jeffries set out to become a performer and professional R&B Artist. Natural ability will only take a talented artist so far, but a strong will and determination has helped push this artist forward and continues to drive his development and success. Check out his newest production, and get in touch with Michael Jeffries.



A Musical Journey

Michael Jeffries was born in Memphis.  His family moved to Oakland, California in 1962.  Michael began his love for music at a young age.  He teamed up with 

Elementary school classmates to create a group that became known as “The Two Things in One”.  The band had early success with two singles featuring Michael Jeffries as the lead vocalist,  “Silly Song” in 1971 and “Together Forever” 1973.  During the early 1970’s as the front man of the group he opened for prominent artists such as Earth, Wind and Fire, War,  Funkadelic, Ohio Players , Billy Preston etc.  In 1977, Mr.  Jeffries was recruited by The Bay area’s own Tower of Power as their lead singer. Jeffries recorded a total of four albums with the group including: ‘’ We Came To Play” CBS 1978, “ Back On The Street “ CBS 1979, “Sheffield Labs Direct To  Disk Live” 1981 and “Dinosaur Tracks” Rhino 2003.  In 1986, Michael Jeffries co-wrote the Billboard R&B top 5 single "Never say Never" for the songstress Denise Williams .  He also contributed to the soundtrack of the film Wildcat with the single “Razzle Dazzle”.  In 1987, Michael Jeffries collaborated as a featured vocalist along with Karyn White on Jeff Lorbers’ CD “Private Passion”.    

Michael Jeffries released his first solo album, the self-titled “Michael Jeffries” in 1989 on Warner Bros Records.  It featured singles produced by Jellybean Johnson and the legendary duo Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. In 2010 Michael teamed up with his Daughter Ashlee Nikol and Son Mike J for  the“ Family Affair CD” .  Recently Michael Featured on  two songs from the “Resuscitation of Funk” 2018 CD by the Bay Area funk band “ beaufunk”.

  This brings us to the 2019 release Michael Jeffries “Fonky/Sexy Late Nights In The Lab”. Legacy Funk With 

Progressive Melodies and a New Age Soul Feel.  

Michael Jeffries’ Discography:

1971 Silly Song w/ Two Things In One (Music City Records)
1973 Together Forever w/Two Things In One (Music City Records)
1974 Overdose w/ Two Things In One (Music City Records)
1978 We Came To Play w/ Tower Of Power (CBS Records)
1979 Back on The Streets w/ Tower Of Power (CBS Records)
1981 Direct To Disk w/ Tower Of Power (Sehfield Labs Records)
1985 Wildcats Soundtrack w/Various Artists (Warner Bros Records)
1986 Private Passion w/ Jeff Lorber/ Karyn White (Warner Bros Records)
1987 Never Say Never Top 10 ASCAP Award (CBS Records)
1989 Michael Jeffries Michael Jeffries (Warner Bros Records)
2000 Dinosaur Tracks w/Tower Of Power (Rhino Records)
2003 Do It Duhe w/Robin Duhe (Blaze2 Records)
2011 Family Affair w/Anikol/Mike J (MJM Artist Records)

2018  Resuscitation of Funk w/beaufunk What is Wrong/ Soul    Searchin

2019 Michael Jeffries Fonky/Sexy Late Nights In The Lab